About us

The company MEBLEX exists on the Polish market constantly from year 1993. At the beginning our company was producing standard kitchen cupboards sets as well as the special sets for individual clients. Since year 2000 our company has changed the profile of the activity and now we produce only the furniture MDF fronts. Producing the furniture fronts in 3D technology still remains the main activity of Meblex.


In order to assure the highest quality of our products we constantly develop and modernize our machine stock. At the moment we are one of the most modern producers in the woodworking branch. In June 2008 our production was moved to the newly created building in the area of Świętokrzyskie district. On the premises of 6 ha it was created the modern industry complex with separate office and social part. Our over 3-thousand-square meter production halls are equipped with the central system of stays, ventilation and air-conditioning. This system assures the maximum cleanness of the air and the most appropriate temperature, which is really important during the process of pressing the elements. There is also built the ecological garbage incineration plant for dust and wastes. Having this kind of technical background our company is able to produce a great amounts of fronts in a very short time.



In our offer you can find wide choice of colors and patterns of the furniture fronts made of the highest quality materials. During the production we use only substances with certificates and attests from the best Polish and European suppliers. We do not use any of the semi-finished materials from the far east. All the materials that we use, such as the highest quality foils PVC, glue by Henkel company and boards for deep milling by Hornitex, guarantee the high quality and lasting of our fronts.

The production and salesmen in our company is controlled by the specially created for us software by SUNSOFT company from Sosnowiec. The clients can order our products directly from our web site by PORTAL, which also allows them to track the progress in realization of their order.

We encourage you to look through our offer and to cooperate with our company.


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