Foil sample book

Dear Customers!

We offer you an elegant sample book, which certainly facilitate the daily work of all. This extremely handy sample book in the form of a binder, which is a powerful tool, has the format 31.5 x 28 cm, clean and solid finish. There are 89 woodgrain and 36 solid color PVC films.  There are also 8 colors high gloss  PET film. 

The different types of films (ie woodgrain films and solid color PVC films, glossy PET film) are separated from each other aesthetic, transparent tabs that help you find the perfect color which you prefer.

The binder format allows for adding new colors, so you do not have to buy a new sample book at the time of the extension of our range of colors. Moreover, the pattern is extremely durable, made of good quality plastic, so you can use it for a long period of time, without fear that it will appear any signs of use.

The Cover is secured by a clear, plastic cover that protects and prevents moisture or grease stains. Our sample book is designed in such a way as to how best to present all possible variants of woodgrain and solid color PVC films and of course high gloss PET films. It is worth mentioning that the presented range of colors and designs are variants of the appropriate size that everyone can easily imagine the fronts of your dreams. For more information, you can get by calling +48 48 672 43 00 or +48 48 672 43 01

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